IoT UX Concept for Driving: Micro Navigation

This is an UX concept we developed with the tech team in Intel-NTU. With the advantage of IoT, we can improve the safety and efficiency of driving through:
1. Warning from the vehicles with high aggressiveness
2. Car train and auto driving
3. Enhancing the driver’s vision with Giraffe View
4. Improving drivers’ behavior with car networks and service design
5. Suggesting the best time to change lane before exiting or turning

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Apps4Home, Family’s Edition

Apps4Home<Family’s Edition> knows your personal needs

In this design, a smart home system is proposed with the ideas similar to the App Store for smartphone. After purchasing the specific package, people can download the Apps, tune the functions, and upload them to the store.

With this family’s edition, the customers can download the agents from the Apps Store to learn each member’s behaviors. Then, these agents will interact with the smart devices to help set up the personal preferences. Moreover, when the agents detect possible conflicts to the other users, they will help to negotiate. If they cannot reach an agreement on the settings, the system will invite the users to discuss and select the proper choices. Besides, the agents can also help to track pets’ activities, play the music, and create the right ambiences. With Apps4Home by their side, life at home is better than ever.

Apps4Home, Kid’s Edition

In this design, an Apps for Home concept is proposed. People can choose & purchase the specific packages and download the Apps for their home. For example, the parents can purchase the Kid’s edition to dynamically adjust the environment for fitting his playing. It can also help to manage daily ritual and routine, such as bedtime storytelling or the morning rush. Through the collaboration of multiple machines and internet services, the smart home is able to enrichinhabitants’ indoor activities and improve their living quality.

Articles and Case Studies


Case Studies

Integrated Product-Service System

Free Conference:「製造服務化‧轉型創新機」國際研討會

Some Examples of the Integrated Product-Service System

Interesting Service

Post Card

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Week10: Think about the viability (business)


Homework (Team)

  1. Redefine the Meaning of Innovation, Insights and Opportunities. Complete the toolkit (Chap.2, pp. 19-23 )
  2. Start to generate your ideas of solutions. Complete the toolkit (3-1, pp. 25-28).
  3. Save and Upload the file to Dropbox/_Homeworks.

Homework (Personal)

  1. Find and select one example of Product-Service System you used in your daily life. And draw out the system structure with the framework shown in the class.
  2. Save and upload the PDF file to Dropbox/_Homeworks/Personal before next class.

Some cases shown in the class

旅人一番開發中的台南・台湾:一個介紹台南給日本旅客的iPhone App。

PetaMap: Make your own original map with the information of more than 1 million spots. Take the map and enjoy your trip with the location based service provide by SONY.

旅知網 根據PhoCusWright的研究資料顯示,美國人平均花上21天決定去哪旅行,17天用來比較機票、飯店等價格,合計一年要花38天處理旅程。然而,每年多數美國人的休假只有14天。「旅知網」創辦人黃正州找到了一個機會點:「讓旅行變得更簡單、自在」─透過整理全球超過一億多筆的旅遊資訊,為消費者量身打造旅遊計畫;其訴求重點是「以你的觀點來幫你篩選」,做到「縮短搜尋時間,旅行時間變多(search less, travel more)」。

Path ( A social network service available for iOS and Android devices. Prof. Robin Dunbar, the director of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University, found that we can only ever have 150 friends at most. Based on the result, Dave Morin (former senior managers of Facebook) find the opportunities in providing service for “Private messaging and sharing with friends and family." With the first version of Path, you can only have 50 contacts (it increases to 150 in current version). It’s interesting to know that this restriction makes people more willing to share message, photos, locations, activities… (see article01, article02). Their objectives is to “Bring People Closer Together" (see Dave Morin of Path – Foundation Interview). Our goal is to help you develop a high quality network to connect more deeply and share personal moments with your closest friends and family. (see Path’s Friendship Model)
“因为你的私人网络朋友仅限于你的50个最亲密的、你可以信任的朋友和家人,你就可以在任何时刻安心地贴出照片,无论其内容有多私密。在Path上,你可以做你自己。” (cited from