About me

Name: Yaliang Chuang (莊雅量)
Resume & Portfolio: PDF


  • Ph.D. (2007)—Industrial Design Group, Graduate School of Design, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)
  • MS. (2001)—Industrial Design Group, Institute of Applied Arts, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)
  • BS. (1999—Industrial Design Department, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)

Area of Professional Expertise

Human Computer Interaction,
User Experience Research & Design.

Research Interests

Human Computer Interaction, Emotional Research & Design, Tangible User Interaction, Service Design.

Working Experience

  • Apr. 2012~ : UX Design Team Leader, Information and Communications Laboratories, ITRI, Hinchu, Taiwan
  • Jan. 2008~ Jan. 2012: Post-doctoral Fellow, Colleage of Design, NTUST, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Jan. 2006~present: Managing Editor for the International Journal of Design (IJDesign),
    Chinese Institute of Design, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Jan. 2007~ Jan. 2011: Managing Editor for the Journal of Design (設計學報),
    Chinese Institute of Design, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Jan. 2006~Sept. 2007: Interaction Designer for Networks and Multimedia Institute of the
    Institute for Information Industry (資策會網路多媒體研究所), Taipei, Taiwan
  • Jan. 2002~Jan. 2003: Interaction Designer for Philips Speech Processing – Voice Control, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Jan. 2001~Jan. 2002: Researcher for Philips Research, Taipei, Taiwan

Teaching Experience

  • Sept. 2012~ : Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute of Applied Arts, National Chiao Tung University
  • Research & Design on User Experience, NCTU, Sept. 2012 ~ June 2013
  • Brain Storming & Context Mapping, NTU/OpenHCI, July 2011
  • Creative Design Workshop, NTUST, July 2011
  • User Experience Design Workshop, NTUST, April 2011
  • ContextMapping and Experience Design Workshop,NTU, May 2010
  • ContextMapping Workshop, NTUST, April 2009
  • ContextMapping Workshop, NTU, June 2008
  • Human Factor and Design, NTUA, Sept.–Dec. 2003
  • Interaction Design Workshop, NCHC, June 2003


Journal articles

  • Chuang, Y. (2012). A shinning stage for mobile infants. Interactions, 19(4), 6.
  • Chuang, Y. (2012). 智慧電視的再思考:以人本設計形塑智慧電視的另一種面貌 [Rethinking the design of SmartTV: To explore another possibility of SmartTV with user-centered design approach]。電工通訊季刊,7(3), 38-41。
  • Chuang, Y., & Chen, L. L. (2008). How to rate 100 visual stimuli efficiently. International Journal of Design, 2(1), 31-43. (SCI-E, SSCI, A&HCI)
  • Chuang, Y., Chen, L. L., & Chuang, M. C. (2008). Computer-based rating method for evaluating multiple visual stimuli on multiple scales. Computers in Human Behavior, 24(5), 1929-1946. (SSCI)
  • Chen, L. L., & Chuang, Y. (2008). 從無到有:International Journal of Design 創立過程之反思 [From none to well-known: The thinking behind the creation of the International Journal of Design]。人文與社會科學簡訊,10(1),59-71。
  • Chuang, Y., & Chen, L. L.(2007)。CAKE: 擴充性感性意象調查與分析系統 [CAKE: An extensible kansei survey and analysis system]。設計學報,12(3),63-80。(THCI Core)

Conference papers

  • You, T.- H., Wu, Y. -J., & Lin, C. -L., Chuang, Y. (2013). Enhance People’s TV Experience with Capturing, Memoing, Sharing, and Mixing. Paper has been accepted for presentation at the 15th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Las Vegas, NV: Mirage Hotel.
  • Chuang, Y. (2011). Improving children’s sensory integration capabilities with rich interaction design. In Proceedings of the 4th IASDR Conference on Design Research [CD-ROM]. Delft, The Netherlands: TU Delft.
  • Chuang, Y. (2011)。運用ContextMapping方法進行跨領域設計課程之可行性 [A study of using the ContextMapping method in a multidisciplinary course]。中華民國設計學會第16屆設計學術研究成果研討會 暨 2011 國際創新設計研討會 [CD-Rom]。台北市:中華民國設計學會。
  • Chuang, Y., Chuang, P. H., Shi, H. S., Hsiao, K. A., & Chen, L. L. (2009). Computer morphing as an effective approach to develop successful products half a step ahead of the market. In Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Design and Semantics of Form & Movement (pp. 156-162). Eindhoven, The Netherlands: Philips Design.
  • Chuang, Y., & Chen, L. L. (2006). Integrated approach to develop an extensible kansei engineering information system. In K. Friedman, T. Love, E. Corte-Real, & C. Rust (Eds.), Proceedings of the Design Research Society International Conference (Paper No. 197). Lisbon, Portugal: CEIADE.
  • Chuang, Y., Chuang, P. H., & Chen, L. L. (2006). Predicting the affective images of morphing shapes in multidimensional perceptual space ―Using sofas as examples. In Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Kansei Engineering and Information System (Paper No. 321). Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan: The University of Aizu.
  • Chuang, Y., & Chen, L. L. (2003, Oct. 16). Computer aided kansei engineering with XML technology. Paper presented at the 6th Asian Design International Conference, Tsukuba, Japan.
  • Chuang, Y., & Chuang, M. C. (2001, Oct. 13). Using timbre of musical sounds and melody of musical sounds as element of audio icons to identify the callers of cell phone. Paper presented at the 5th Asian Design International Conference, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Chuang, Y. (2001, Nov. 1). Effective use of media for social interactions. Paper presented at the Philips User Interface Conference. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.



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