Apps4Home, Family’s Edition

Apps4Home<Family’s Edition> knows your personal needs

In this design, a smart home system is proposed with the ideas similar to the App Store for smartphone. After purchasing the specific package, people can download the Apps, tune the functions, and upload them to the store.

With this family’s edition, the customers can download the agents from the Apps Store to learn each member’s behaviors. Then, these agents will interact with the smart devices to help set up the personal preferences. Moreover, when the agents detect possible conflicts to the other users, they will help to negotiate. If they cannot reach an agreement on the settings, the system will invite the users to discuss and select the proper choices. Besides, the agents can also help to track pets’ activities, play the music, and create the right ambiences. With Apps4Home by their side, life at home is better than ever.


Apps4Home, Kid’s Edition

In this design, an Apps for Home concept is proposed. People can choose & purchase the specific packages and download the Apps for their home. For example, the parents can purchase the Kid’s edition to dynamically adjust the environment for fitting his playing. It can also help to manage daily ritual and routine, such as bedtime storytelling or the morning rush. Through the collaboration of multiple machines and internet services, the smart home is able to enrichinhabitants’ indoor activities and improve their living quality.