Week11: Develop Ideas

Homework (Team)

  1. Continue to generate your ideas of solutions. Complete the toolkit (3-2 Refine Ideas, pp. 29-30).
  2. Save and Upload the file to Dropbox/_Homeworks.


  • 主題: 联•连•看——体验联动生活 / Keep in Touch by UX
  • 報名時間:2013.5.3 (周日)截止
  • 選定題目:2013.5.17(周五)前提交选题报告
  • 第一階段:2013.6.30(周日)提交需求分析报告与概念设计初稿
  • 初       选:2013.7.8(周一)–7.14(周日)
  • 第二階段:2013.9.13(周五)提交设计成品
  • 相關檔案:大赛介紹組隊報名表

Interesting Service

Post Card

ご当地フォルムカード|POSTA COLLECT|郵便局のポスタルグッズ:http://www.postacollect.com/gotochi/index.html

Week10: Think about the viability (business)


Homework (Team)

  1. Redefine the Meaning of Innovation, Insights and Opportunities. Complete the toolkit (Chap.2, pp. 19-23 )
  2. Start to generate your ideas of solutions. Complete the toolkit (3-1, pp. 25-28).
  3. Save and Upload the file to Dropbox/_Homeworks.

Homework (Personal)

  1. Find and select one example of Product-Service System you used in your daily life. And draw out the system structure with the framework shown in the class.
  2. Save and upload the PDF file to Dropbox/_Homeworks/Personal before next class.

Some cases shown in the class

旅人一番開發中的台南・台湾:一個介紹台南給日本旅客的iPhone App。

PetaMap: Make your own original map with the information of more than 1 million spots. Take the map and enjoy your trip with the location based service provide by SONY.

旅知網 TripNotice.com: 根據PhoCusWright的研究資料顯示,美國人平均花上21天決定去哪旅行,17天用來比較機票、飯店等價格,合計一年要花38天處理旅程。然而,每年多數美國人的休假只有14天。「旅知網」創辦人黃正州找到了一個機會點:「讓旅行變得更簡單、自在」─透過整理全球超過一億多筆的旅遊資訊,為消費者量身打造旅遊計畫;其訴求重點是「以你的觀點來幫你篩選」,做到「縮短搜尋時間,旅行時間變多(search less, travel more)」。

Path (https://path.com/): A social network service available for iOS and Android devices. Prof. Robin Dunbar, the director of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University, found that we can only ever have 150 friends at most. Based on the result, Dave Morin (former senior managers of Facebook) find the opportunities in providing service for “Private messaging and sharing with friends and family." With the first version of Path, you can only have 50 contacts (it increases to 150 in current version). It’s interesting to know that this restriction makes people more willing to share message, photos, locations, activities… (see article01, article02). Their objectives is to “Bring People Closer Together" (see Dave Morin of Path – Foundation Interview). Our goal is to help you develop a high quality network to connect more deeply and share personal moments with your closest friends and family. (see Path’s Friendship Model)
“因为你的私人网络朋友仅限于你的50个最亲密的、你可以信任的朋友和家人,你就可以在任何时刻安心地贴出照片,无论其内容有多私密。在Path上,你可以做你自己。” (cited from http://www.douban.com/group/path50/)

Week09: Redefine the Design Issues and Opportunities



  • Do the user study again with the approaches I suggested on pp. 9-12 (in the Handout).
  • Draw the Product-Service System with the framework shown on p. 20 (in the Handout). Please refer to the source when you design the system.

Next week, please present following contents:

  1. The Process and Summary of your new user study
  2. What’s the Inspirations you got?
  3. The Design Issues and Opportunities
  4. The Meaningful Experience you would like to deliver through your design concept 
  5. The Main Structure of your Product-Service System

Week08: Design Issue & Opportunities


Good Books for Your Projects

  • Ries, E. (2012). 精實創業[The lean startup](廖宜怡 譯)。台北市:行人。
  • 藤屋伸二。(2012)。一輩子受用的杜拉克行銷思考法(江裕真 譯)。台北市:晨星 。

Next Week

  • Redefine and Present your Design Issue & Opportunities
  • We’ll talk more detail about the Product-Service System

Week07: Learn from Disney



  • Complete the Toolkit (pp. 21-23).
  • Prepare your presentation of Design Issue and Opportunities.