Week06: Set Goals and Personas

Handout: Persona

The 5 Phases of Persona Development

  1. Persona Family Planning
  2. Persona Conception and Gestation
  3. Persona Birth and Maturation
  4. Persona Adulthood
  5. Persona Lifetime Achievement, Reuse, and Retirement

The 6 Steps in Conception and Gestation phase

  1. Identify important categories of users
  2. Process the Data
  3. Identify Subcategories of Users and Create Skeletons
  4. Prioritize the skeletons
  5. Develop selected skeletons into Personas
  6. Validate your Personas


  1. Continue your user research
  2. Choose a company for your project, if you can’t find one, please create a new start-up company.
  3. Collect products or services of competitors
  4. Set your business goals and target customers
  5. Develop several personas, identify their goals, desires, and their demands from your project
  6. Complete the Toolkit (pp. 21-22)



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